Classes and Workshops

“Being in the forest can restore our mood.

Give us back our energy and vitality.

Refresh and rejuvenate us.

We know this deep in our bones.”

– Dr. Qing Li, Tokyo’s Nippon Medical School + worlds foremost expert in forest medicine

Are you ready to connect with nature in a new way?

Join us!

Wellness Saturdays: Weekly Opportunity

Join us on Saturday mornings from 9-10:15AM for our signature weekly class in the forests near Grand Rapids, Michigan!

Wellness Saturday classes include slow yoga, a guided nature immersion through your five senses (also known as a “forest bathing invitation”) and a brief guided meditation. This is not an exercise class or a traditional guided hike. Consider Wellness Saturdays as an opportunity to slow down and connect with yourself and the natural world.

Registration is limited to 18 participants per class and pre-registration is required.

Sign up today to reserve your spot!

  • Single Class: $18
  • Get Your Five Hours class pack (four classes in one month): $55
  • Four Class Package (four classes over two months): $60

Forest Therapy Walks: Monthly Opportunity

During this monthly opportunity, you will be gently guided in a 2.5-hour forest therapy walk that is intentionally structured to help you relax, reconnect to nature and tune into the deeper benefits of extended time in a wooded environment.

What is “forest therapy”? It is the practice of spending time in forested areas to enhance our health, wellness, and happiness. It is a simple but powerful practice, rooted in the knowledge that as humans we hold an innate connection to nature. By taking time to nourish a deeper relationship with the natural world, we can reignite our curiosity, our sense of wonder and belonging, and offer our physical body a multitude of health benefits.

Walks are held on the third Sunday of each month, 3:00-5:30pm.

Registration is limited to 12 participants per walk, pre-registration is required.

Sign up today to reserve your spot!

Forest Therapy Walk: $20

Partner Events & Workshops

We are passionate about building up our human community! When scheduled, partner events and workshop opportunities are listed below. Past events and workshops are also listed here as an example of what you can expect from this type of opportunity.

Are you a local non-profit or business interested in partnering with us to host an event? We’d love to talk with you! Head over to our Contact Page to start the conversation.

Please check back soon for new opportunities in the fall of 2020!

Past Events:

Private Events

Are you planning a special event? In Your Element can help! From birthday parties to retirement celebrations, small reunion gatherings and bachelorette parties – going to nature offers a strong connection that we all share. In Your Element offers packages that can be customized for your unique interests.

Host an event that your friends and family will remember. Contact In Your Element today to learn more about private event packages.

Gift Certificates

Have a nature lover in your life? Send your loved one into nature and gift a unique experience they won’t soon forget. Gift certificates can be applied to all services, from workshops to Wellness Saturdays, special events and more! Contact In Your Element today to purchase a gift certificate.


We’ll see you in the forest!

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