Science Sundays

View the forest through a new lens of awareness

Science Sundays

Science Sundays are a balance of learning and relaxation in one of west Michigan’s old growth forests. Different than a naturalist hike, these classes are intended to help you deepen your connection to the land through both guided learning and sensory/hands on exploration. View the forest through a new lens of awareness and ignite your curiosity during Science Sundays, which include:

  • A short hike into the forest
  • A guided discussion of a unique weekly topic
    • Examples include plant identification, medicinal/health benefits of certain plants or aromatics, the connections and history we can see in a forest ecosystem, etc.
  • Time for personal exploration in the forest, expanding your new knowledge by slowing down and noticing what you can discover through the felt senses of the body

Cold Weather Comforts:

We’ll have our portable propane heater, Dyna, along for classes. You can hang out with Dyna if you need a little warming up!

We’ll have two, eco-friendly hot stone hand warmers for each participant.

Dress warm and aim for cozy! We’ve had participants wrap up in blankets, bring a hot thermos of tea or coffee and more.

Purchase Options:

Additional Details:

  • Science Sunday classes run from 10:30-11:30 am, bi-weekly. Head to our Calendar + Booking page for upcoming classes and registration!
  • All are welcome (kids and teens, too!) and no experience in the outdoors is necessary.
  • Registration in advance is required, so don’t forget to sign up!
  • COVID Safety Measures:
    • Class size is limited to ten participants total (including our guide)
    • Social distancing will be observed at all times. We’ll offer gentle reminders throughout class, if necessary
    • Face masks are required when participants are together in the forest. A portion of class includes individual exploration in nature, where participants are separate from the group and experiencing time alone in the forest. During this time you are welcome to lower your mask if you’d like
  • Check out our What to Expect page for more information, refund and cancellation policies and other FAQs.

We’ll see you in the forest!

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