Virtual Forest Therapy Walks

connecting worldwide + forest therapy from home

Virtual forest therapy? …how does that work?

We know, it seems a little counterintuitive. Isn’t the whole practice of forest therapy rooted in a technology detox? How could a Zoom forest therapy experience possibly work?  

We had doubts too, but after exploring the practice ourselves we can attest that YES, it does work, and we can’t wait to share it! This new virtual walk series is designed to:

🌱  Help you engage with your senses + connect to your surrounding environment

🌱  Reduce stress + anxiety while getting to know the land where you live in a new way

🌱  Offer a unique experience of human connection, as you join with others from around the world who are exploring their surrounding environment alongside you (COVID safe!)

🌱  Explore forest therapy with Certified Forest Therapy Guides from your favorite trail, your backyard, or even inside near a window or with a houseplant

Still not really sure what to expect? Scroll to the bottom of this page for a helpful FAQ about the virtual walk format!

2021: Virtual Forest Therapy Walks

We host virtual walks in partnership with Sophie Hebert, a certified forest therapy guide based in Kjipuktuk/Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We’ll be announcing the next Virtual Forest Therapy Walk series soon!

Meet Your Guides

Hi I’m Sophie, a certified Forest Therapy Guide and founder of Between the Pines, living on the East Coast of Canada in Kjipuktuk/Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’m excited about almost every way to play outside like hiking, camping, gardening, cloud-gazing, surfing, SUPing, scuba diving, and cold water swimming. My goal with this virtual series is to create a container for everyone who wants to experience Forest Therapy to do so in a way that’s safe, accessible, and fun! From walking on your favorite trail to sitting inside with your friendly houseplant, there’s no wrong way to engage with Nature! I look forward to meeting you, and guiding you in the new way of exploring the world around us.

Hi, I’m Katie! I’m the founder of In Your Element (IYE) and a certified forest therapy guide living in Lowell, Michigan. You can learn more about me on our Meet our Team page! I’m excited to share this new virtual series and expand our forest therapy community beyond the reaches of Grand Rapids. Coming together for walks on a virtual platform can offer a powerful reminder that we are all connected. As the wind brushes my skin, the wind brushes yours. The same sun shines, the same moon rises. Let’s join together, ignite our senses and explore forest therapy in a new way; whether from a window in your home, your backyard or favorite local trail. I look forward to sharing the journey with you!

Registration Options:

(All prices in USD)

Want to experience a virtual walk before you commit to a series?

No problem! Register for a single virtual walk and try it out.  If you enjoy your experience, you can apply your $10 registration fee toward purchase of a four-week series or monthly package!

Additional Details:

  • Registration in advance is required, so don’t forget to Sign Up!
  • Join us from anywhere in the world! You can call in or use the Zoom app to share video.
  • Relax and engage with your senses while you explore nature and your connection to it. Participate from your favorite trail, backyard, or even inside with a houseplant. 
  • The first call in a virtual walk series is 1.25-hours long.
    • The extra time on the first call is used to share a brief introduction to the practice of forest therapy; including background, health research and what to expect on a virtual walk.
    • If you register for a drop-in virtual walk later in the series, we’ll share a few of these details with you in your welcome email.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the format? Will I be watching the screen of a guide as they go for a walk in the forest?

Nope! These walks involve you, your unique environment, and your personal forest bathing practice. You’ll be guided in a similar format to an in-person walk with a certified forest therapy guide. We’ll help you slowly connect with your senses and then provide forest bathing invitations for you to explore your environment.

Do I have to be in a forest when I call in?

Nope! You can definitely join from your favorite trail if you want, but you could also be in your backyard, on a balcony, or inside near a window or a houseplant. Nature surrounds us, and this practice is great at helping us to remember that.

Will I still get some of the health benefits, even if I’m inside?

By engaging with your senses and slowing down, you can still reduce stress and anxiety and increase a feeling of connection to your environment. Studies have shown benefits of looking out a window, being near houseplants, and even looking at the wood grain patterns of hardwood floors. Pretty amazing stuff!

Will I have to talk during the call?

This is 100% up to you! During forest therapy walks, we check in periodically to share with one another what we are noticing in our experience. A virtual walk is special because it allows us to connect our experiences from afar. While the sun shines on you, the snow may dance around me. Sharing is a wonderful way to connect to the Earth at a unique moment in time. During sharing, you can choose to share, show your screen, or simply enjoy the act of listening. Whatever you feel in the moment is most welcome.

Weekly Schedule:

To be announced soon.

Guide: Katie Venechuk, In Your Element

To be announced soon.

Guide: Sophie Hebert, Between the Pines

We’ll see you in the forest!

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