Our Purpose

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

– Albert Einstein

Our Purpose

Welcome! We are glad you’re here!

At In Your Element (IYE) we take a different approach to personal and workplace wellness.

Backed by international research and decades of corroborated data, the practices of nature immersion and forest therapy have been proven to benefit our physical health and emotional well-being.

The science is in – when we step into nature, we experience an array of benefits.

This practice is our focus at IYE. Weโ€™re here to not only bring you into nature, but to educate you about why we feel so good when we get there.

Our workshops and programs offer unique wellness experiences that include combinations of activities such as:

  • Forest bathing and guided nature immersion
  • Environmental science education
  • Human health and the environment education
  • Yoga classes and breathwork

How does nature affect the brain? Stress hormones? Immune system health? Creative problem solving skills? What can we learn about the natural ecosystems that we spend time in? Can this knowledge help us to feel more connected to our surroundings?

When we learn something new, it drives our curiosity. Curiosity leads to interest, which leads to presence, and ultimately a feeling of connection, relaxation and belonging.

While we believe in the power of education, enjoying the beauty and wonder of the natural world is the essence of nature-based wellness. All programs through IYE will help to lead you there.

We are excited to share this journey with you and we hope to see you in the forest soon!

– Katie, Founder of In Your Element


We’ll see you in the forest!

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