Classes and Events

“Being in the forest can restore our mood.

Give us back our energy and vitality.

Refresh and rejuvenate us.

We know this deep in our bones.”

– Dr. Qing Li, Tokyo’s Nippon Medical School + worlds foremost expert in forest medicine

Are you ready to connect with nature in a new way? Join us!

On this page you’ll find an overview of our regularly scheduled classes, including in-person and virtual experiences. When you’re ready to sign up, head to our Calendar + Booking page! We hope to see you soon!

Yoga & Forest Bathing Classes

Start your Saturday with a yoga class among the trees & dedicated time to step off of your mat and explore the stress-relieving practice of guided forest bathing. Led by RYT and Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Katie Venechuk, this unique class is designed with a focus on self-care, enjoying the peace of nature, and connecting to the slower pace of the natural world. Classes end with an opportunity to share time together in a community circle, helping us transition into the rest of the day feeling refreshed, connected and inspired.

Yoga & Forest Bathing Class Dates:

September & October 2021

9-10:15AM, Saturday, September 25, Ken-O-Sha Park

9-10:15AM, Saturday, October 23, Ken-O-Sha Park

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Science Sunday’s Classes

Are you interested in learning more about foraging, plant identification, and the incredible forest ecosystem? This class is for you! During Science Sundays, you’ll learn about the plants you meet along the sides of the trail as we walk together in the forest. Each class includes a unique opportunity to learn about a featured plant or an inspiring feature of the forest, followed by time to explore the practice of wild tending and enjoy some quiet time among the trees.

Science Sunday’s Class Dates:

September & October 2021

10:30-11:30am, Sunday, September 26

10:30-11:30am, Sunday, October 24

All classes hosted at Cascade Peace Park in Ada, Michigan.

Forest Mindfulness Classes

In-Person Winter Class Offering

While cold temperatures and shorter daylit hours can tempt us to stay inside, spending time in nature during the winter months can offer us significant mental health benefits, feelings of connection and a deeper appreciation of the season. Explore the magic of winter during Forest Mindfulness classes, which include guided meditation and breathwork in the forest air, a winter forest therapy invitation, and a closing community circle in the winter forest. Relax, refresh, and reconnect to the beauty of the winter season. Cold weather comforts are included!

Virtual Yoga + Nature Visualization Classes

Virtual classes are offered during our winter programming.

Take some time to care for your body + mind during our virtual yoga classes, which end with a guided nature visualization to help you calm your mind and relax in sunny meadows and forest glades, even when you can’t step outside! Classes are taught by our program guide Katie, an experienced and down-to-earth yoga instructor with a focus on safe alignment for a lifelong yoga practice, foundational yoga postures, and cleansing the body through focused breathwork and movement.

Virtual Forest Therapy Walks

Virtual Walks are offered during our winter programming.

Join us as we connect with others from around the world for virtual forest therapy walks, led by certified forest therapy guides via Zoom. Our first virtual forest therapy series brought together participants from Denmark, Lebanon, Ottawa, British Columbia, New York, Maine, Michigan, Nova Scotia and more! Slow down and reset during these unique one-hour wellness experiences.


We’ll see you in the forest!

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