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In Your Element (idiom):

“To be in a state of flow; doing something that you enjoy doing from a place of calm, focus, creativity and ease”

Sounds like a nice way to spend the work day, doesn’t it?

We know that your team is full of talented people that are uniquely qualified to fit their role, but to perform at our best, attention to our wellness is important.

What if your team members could learn how to reduce stress levels, improve focus and boost their energy just by stepping outside?

We’re here to help you make this a reality.

Why bring nature into your wellness programs?

In our technology-based economy, we spend more time indoors and on computers than ever before.

Our devices constantly pull on our attention. With email alerts running in the background, phones ringing, pressure for fast response times and the stress of project deadlines, multi-tasking has become a necessary skillset.

On top of mental fatigue, hours spent seated in front of a screen can strain our eyes, cause lumbar and cervical spinal pain, circulation issues, and many other physical health issues.

This is where nature-based wellness comes in.

What happens in our body when we step away from the screen and spend purposeful time in nature?

Are the health benefits from being outside just placebo effect, or is there credible data to support this approach to wellness?

Here are a few fast facts:

  • There are decades of data from accredited institutions all over the world that corroborate specific health effects of spending time in nature.
  • As of 2019, US doctors are prescribing time in nature in 34 states as an antidote anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. Japan, Denmark, Norway, Scotland, the UK, and many other countries are doing the same.
  • It’s not just mental health. Research has also connected time in nature to lowered blood pressure and stress hormones, boosted immune system functioning, improved sleep and more.

brown wooden bench near green leaf tree

“The best way to deal with stress at work is to go for a forest bath. I go for shinrin-yoku every lunchtime. You don’t need a forest; any small green space will do. Leave your cup of coffee and your phone behind. It will improve your mood, reduce tension and anxiety, and help you focus and concentrate for the rest of the day.”

― Dr. Qing Li, Tokyo’s Nippon Medical School + worlds foremost expert in forest medicine

Why work with In Your Element?

Nature is our specialty.

We’re here to not only educate your team on the wellness benefits of time in nature, but to skillfully guide your team in nature centered wellness experiences that will help them maximize the benefits of their time outside.

How does nature affect the brain? Stress hormones? Immune system health? Problem solving skills? Mental fatigue..?

Is all time in nature equal? Are there practices that can help enhance the beneficial effects of time in nature?

We’re here to answer these questions.

Our goal is to help your employees create long-term habits that can help them lower stress levels, improve their focus + restore their attention, and counter a variety of other modern day health concerns by simply stepping outside.

Expanding interest + participation in wellness programs:

One of the big challenges in developing effective workplace wellness programs is increasing participation.

We’ve found that nature-focused wellness programs resonate across age groups, gender, physical fitness levels, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, right-brained thinkers, left-brained thinkers, and many other defining characteristics that we hold as unique individuals.

Nature also provides a platform for team bonding, as many of us hold special memories in nature or relatable hobbies and interests that involve the outdoors.

Programming that is designed to help you meet your goals:

Our first step toward working together is a conversation that focuses on your wellness goals and allows us to learn a little more about you and your team. From there, we’ll chat about a variety of educational programming and wellness services to help you personalize your wellness program. Ranging from luncheon learnings to one-time workshops, guided nature immersion for employees, on-site wellness events, workplace yoga classes and more, we can help you put together a dynamic wellness program that will engage your employees and help you meet your wellness goals.

Do you have a green initiative? Chat with us about how nature-based wellness programs may help expand your green initiative goals, too!

  • Workplace wellness packages
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Conference and in-service presentations
  • Team building
  • Workplace yoga + breathwork
  • Nature immersion for employee wellness

Is it possible to start a program during Covid-19?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of caring for our mental and physical health. Being flexible in our approach is a part of the journey. Whether your team is working in a traditional office space or working remotely from home, we believe that there are effective ways to leverage tech-based connection while still focusing on the core theme of our wellness programs: time away from the computer screen engaging with nature. We are here to help you launch a nature-focused wellness program that will arm your employees with knowledge and tools to care for their well-being, both during Covid-19 and beyond it.

thoughtful black entrepreneur writing notes in notebook

We’d love to discuss your wellness goals + explore ideas to expand your wellness programming.

Contact us today to start the conversation!

Enhance employee wellness

Inspire creativity

Connect your team

Boost productivity

We’ll see you in the forest!

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