What to Expect

Wellness Classes & Workshops

What to Expect

Are you ready to join us for a unique wellness experience in the great outdoors?

Fantastic! We can’t wait to meet you!

If you’ve registered for an event, we’ll send you a welcome email with any information you need the day before our time together.

If you’d like extra details ahead of time, you’ll find FAQs and helpful information below.


To protect our community and do our part in preventing the spread of the virus, the following measures are in place until further notice:

  • Class sizes are limited to ten participants total (including our guide).
  • Social distancing will be observed at all times. We’ll offer gentle reminders throughout class, if necessary.
  • As of May 20, 2021, wearing a face mask is optional and the decision of each participant. Please do whatever makes you most comfortable!

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

What to wear and what to bring:

  • You don’t need to bring much! No special outdoor gear is necessary to participate. If you’ve registered for a class that includes a yoga session you will need a yoga mat.
  • For our winter classes and programming we recommend dressing a little warmer than you would for a normal hike in the forest. You may also like to bring along some water or a thermos of hot tea or coffee.
  • For our summer classes, you may enjoy wearing comfortable walking sandals instead of boots or closed toe tennis shoes. Airflow around the feet is a nice perk, and sandals offer an easy opportunity for switching between shoes on/off (if you choose).
  • You may enjoy bringing a sketchbook or journal for use during or after your class.
  • The power of “digital detox” is real! We encourage a cell phone free experience, if you are comfortable and able to leave the phone behind.
  • During our summer programming we have plant-based, DEET free mosquito repellent available to participants.

When You Arrive for Class:

  • Classes gather at the trailhead and we will walk together to our class location in the forest. While the walk will not be far, participants will need to be able to walk along unpaved forest trails.
    • Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes early.
    • If you are running late and we haven’t heard from you, we’ll have an IYE team member wait for you at the trail-head for up to 10-minutes after class start time. If you know you’ll be later than 10-minutes, please Contact Us so that we know to wait for you.
  • We do our best to host classes and walks at locations with restroom facilities, but some parks do NOT have restroom facilities. We’ll let you know in the class description and cue you in on options!

Registration and Other Details:

  • Pre-registration is required for all classes and workshops, even if you have a class package. Be sure to sign up in advance! Early registration is recommended and appreciated.
  • All participants must read and sign our Participant Agreement, Release and Assumption of Risk prior to participation in a class or workshop. You’ll be guided through this requirement during the online registration process.
  • Photography during classes: Providing space for you to have a relaxing experience in nature is our top priority. If you prefer not to be included in photographs or videos taken during our classes or programs, please chat with us before class to let us know. We are happy to honor your request. You can also send us an email request at katie@iyewellness.com if you prefer to address it in advance. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Class Cancellations and Transfers:

  • Hazardous Weather Cancellations: In the case of heavy rain, thunder, lightning, unsafe winter driving conditions, extreme cold or other environmental hazards, we may cancel class. If so, you will be emailed at least 2-hours before class to inform you of the change. You may apply your purchase to attend a future class.
  • Rain: In the case of light rain in reasonably warm temperatures, we may still have class. The forest is a magical place in the rain and offers a whole new experience!
  • Class Sizes: To feasibly host classes, we may cancel class if registration is less than two people. Since many of our classes require travel time outside of the city, we’ll offer two hours notice if a class is cancelled due to low registration. If a class is canceled due to low registration, we’ll refund your registration and share a 10% off customer appreciation discount code for your next class! Thanks for your understanding of this policy!
  • TRANSFERS: All class purchases and class packages are non-transferable, unless purchased as a gift.
    • Class Drop-out: Single Class Purchase
      • If you withdraw from a class via your account on ClassFit at least 24-hrs in advance of class start time, you’ll receive a 100% refund of your registration. There are no refunds for late drop-outs or no shows.
    • Class Drop-out: Class Package
      • If you withdraw from a class via your account on ClassFit at least 24-hrs in advance of class start time, your account will not be charged for class. There are no refunds for late drop-outs or no shows.
    • Class packages, workshops, special events, and class series registrations: There are no refunds on the purchase of a class package, workshop, special events, or a class series. Thanks for your understanding!

Still have a question? Contact us today! We’d be happy to help you.


We’ll see you in the forest!

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