Our Approach to Natural Wellness

bringing fresh air and the peace of nature front and center

Forest Therapy

Guided forest therapy, also known as “Shinrin-yoku” or “forest bathing,” is a wellness practice that emphasizes the therapeutic effects of spending time in natural environments.  Guided forest therapy is widely recognized as an effective tool for reducing stress hormones and helping people shift their nervous system into “rest-and-restore” mode, while offering documented benefits for immune system health, cardiovascular health and more.  Our forest therapy programs are led by a certified forest therapy guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy and follow the most widely used framework for forest therapy in the world.  A forest therapy guide is not a therapist; rather, they are trained to skillfully lead experiences in nature that follow a structured and clearly defined sequence, helping people to truly slow down and engage with their environment in relaxing and restorative ways.  Each guided experience is unique and offers time for participants to explore individually, reconnecting with the healing benefits of spending time outdoors on their own and also as a member of the community. 

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Forest Yoga

Yoga is a well-known wellness tool for alleviating back pain, increasing strength and flexibility, and improving relaxation and quality of sleep.  By taking our yoga practice outdoors, we lean into peace of nature while also exploring a sense of peace from within. Our forest yoga classes are led by a professional yoga instructor certified with the Yoga Alliance, with over 5 years and 500-hours of professional teaching experience.  Our classes focus on safe alignment and accessibility for a lifelong yoga practice, tailored to a variety of physical fitness levels and goals; hosted in the beauty of the living and breathing forest.

Workshops, Breathwork, Meditations and Art

There are many wellness modalities that can bring us into a healthy and joyful mindset, and we believe these are even more effective when we leave behind the phone and enjoy them together in nature. Join us for special events and workshops in the forest that may include breathwork, nature meditations, art experiences in collaboration with professional henna artists and expressive arts therapists, journaling workshops and more.

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