How to Dry Sauté Mushrooms:

A Simple Technique for Gourmet Wild Mushrooms

The moment has come!  You’ve harvested a beautiful basket of wild mushrooms, and now you’re standing in your kitchen, wondering how to best prepare them… We’re here to help! Wild foraged mushrooms are SUCH a treat, and whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or your specialty is a box of mac n’ cheese, preparing wild mushrooms can make a gourmet chef out of all of us.  Cooking with wild foods also deepens our appreciation of the nourishment on our plates, enhances our relationship to the land,…

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The Health Benefits of Forest Bathing:

…Is it all just a placebo effect?

We all intuitively know that spending time in nature is good for us.  We go to the beach to relax, feel a mood boost on the first warm day of spring, and take walks outdoors to unwind at the end of a stressful day. But what are the health benefits, really?  Is it all just a placebo effect, or is there actual data to back up the claims?  And when it comes to the practice of forest bathing, are we tapping into anything extra?   Read…

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Ethical Foraging Tips, Wild Tending,
and Asking for Permission

If you’ve attended a foraging class with us, you know we approach our foraging classes a little differently.  We begin our plant and mushroom walks together in a circle as a community, taking a moment to be still and notice the unique qualities of the day and ecosystem we are arriving in.   Is the sun shining?  Are the trees full with leaves or in their winter skin?  What animals or birds can you hear? By taking time to appreciate where we are before we begin…

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