In Your Element guide Katie Venechuk leads a forest bathing experience.

Forest Bathing Demystified

“…do I have to bring a swimsuit?” “…is the ‘bathing’ part private?”  “…what does a guide do?” “…will I have to hug trees? …in public?  I don’t want to look weird…” Ah, forest bathing!  An amazing wellness practice that sparks so many questions. We’re asked pretty often what forest bathing is and how to learn how to do it.  Look no further, friends!  We’re going to break it all down for you here. First off, why is it called forest bathing? Spoiler alert: no swimsuits…

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Wild Zen Yoga Festival

Sept 2-4, 2022, at Smiling Acres in Trufant, Michigan We’re looking forward to joining the Wild Zen Yoga Festival for the first time this year! We’ll be guiding a foraging & wild tending class on the beautiful land at Smiling Acres on Saturday at the festival, and we’ll be enjoying the rest of the experience alongside all of you!

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