Forest Therapy Walks

A deeper immersion into the beauty of nature

Upcoming Walks:

February 27, 2021


Bradford Dickinson White Nature Preserve

Approximate Street Address:  12589 36th Street, Lowell, MI

$25 per participant

(cold weather comforts + tea provided)

A Deeper Experience

As humans, we have an innate connection to nature. You can feel it when you pay attention.

Medical doctors + researchers around the world agree that spending time in nature provides many benefits. Birdsong calms our nervous system, fresh air cleanses our lungs, and natural landscapes are easily processed by our vision and help us to relax.

We have a connection with nature in the anatomy of our physical body – but it also flows deeper than this.

Have you ever been moved by an experience in nature?

Maybe you’ve gotten teary as you looked out on a vast and beautiful landscape.

Maybe you’ve felt your heart flutter at the sight of a forest in its full fall colors, or spring flowers in bloom.

How many happy memories do you have of watching a sunset?

The felt connection is real. The process of remembering it starts with slowing down and giving our attention to the natural world around us.

It is a journey. We’d love to support you on yours!

Join us for monthly forest therapy walks to slow down, connect and explore your sense of relationship with the world around you.

What to Expect

A forest therapy walk is a slow experience in nature, not a hike. We’ll generally cover less than one mile during our time together.

During the walk, you will be offered a series of guided, gentle invitations to awaken your senses as you explore the natural environment.

Our walks follow a framework as designed by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy; helping us to slow down, cultivate presence, and invite meaningful interactions with the natural world.

An overview of our walks:

  • An introduction to the history + practice of forest therapy
  • Forest bathing invitations to help you gently awaken your senses
  • Ample personal time to explore the environment around you
  • Opportunities to share what you are noticing with others (optional)
  • Closing community time and a cup of tea

Additional Details:

  • This experience does not include in-depth discussion of environmental science or a yoga session.
  • All are welcome, including children and teens, but we find that participants aged 13+ tend to enjoy the experience most.
  • No outdoors experience or special gear is necessary to attend.
  • Please note that participants will be led along unpaved trails and uneven terrain.
  • “The Forest is the Therapist, The Guide Opens the Doors.” As guides, we are here to aid you in your journey, but it is the forest that offers wellness and healing. This experience is not a therapy session with another human, but an opportunity to lean into the healing effects of nature.

You can check out our What to Expect page for more information and FAQs.

Registration in advance is required and space is limited, so don’t forget to reserve your spot!


We’ll see you in the forest!

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